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7272 Lacquered finish in many designs and gloss levels. Depending on the lacquered finish TECOSMART is chemically resistant as defined by DIN , Part B to D. At least on the international wool scale, DIN EN ISO -B - as rolls - Roll width: mm or mm Hanging in box; individually packed in polyethylene bags Cool and dry in original packaging (Approx. °C, - % air humidity) months. TECOSMART is a high-quality multiple layered decorative foil. Back protective foils and scrap TECOSMART foils are to be dis- posed of as normal residual waste. Status as at . . The information provided in this specification is based on actual practice and on the results of in-house testing, and is consistent with the current level of our knowledge. This information is intended merely as a guide and shall not be deemed to provide any warranty of specific product properties or suitability for a specific application. Since we have no influence on materials and processing conditions, we cannot be held liable for anything arising from this specification. Our international terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply in all instances. Valid versions of terms and conditions can be found on our website and can also be sent upon request. Your adverse or deviant business terms do not place any obligation upon us. BauschLinnemann GmbH Robert-Linnemann-Straße - Sassenberg · Germany Tel.: + - Fax: + - Mail: Web: