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7171 TECOSMART is an adaptable, adhesive foil with a paper-based decorative surface. The big advantage is that it creates a “high- tech” look with little effort. TECOSMART Solid-, Fantasy- and Wood decors Applications can be found for: - Prototype and fair stand construction - Commercial furnishings - Repairs TECOSMART was especially developed for creating furniture and can be applied to internal areas on level surfaces. Plywood and MDF boards (preferably pre-coated), solid wood, plastic, metal and lacquered surfaces. Before applying, the surface where the foil will be glued should be cleaned properly with a surface cleanser. Afterwards we recommend to dry this surface with a lint-free surface cleaning cloth and thereby removing all dust and fat. TECOSMART contains air-channel technology: excess air can escape already during the gluing process. This guarantees a bubble-free surface. In addition, TECOSMART is repositionable and therefore can be applied and removed numerous times without it ripping, tearing or forming wrinkles. Lay TECOSMART on the pre- pared base material and cut to size. Remove the protective foil from the back, apply TECOSMART and press onto the surface by using an elastic smoothing trowel (smoothing spatula). During this process, smooth away any potential bub- bles. For larger work pieces, it is recommended to remove the back protective foil in sections. The smoothing spatula should not have any sharp edges in order not to damage the lacquered surface of the TECOSMART foil. Alternatively this application can be carried out on suitable lamination units. After applying the foil press on well. Remove overhanging material by using a box cutter. When necessary, removal of the foil is always possible, whereby the original appearance of your furniture will be restored. Optimal processing temperature for TECOSMART is between °C + and - °C.